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Illest founder, Mark Arcenal, is an avid shoe collector and car enthusiast.

In 1999, he started his blog Fatlace to feature the newest and coolest sneakers and cars around. Shortly after, he launched his apparel brand Illest meaning “The Best” taking inspiration from his search for the pinnacle in footwear and car customization.

Illest has since then become the most recognizable streetwear brand among car enthusiasts and sneaker heads.

In the Philippines, Illest enjoys the same recognition from the sneaker and car communities while steadily gaining traction in sports and other fields where people aim to be nothing but the Illest.

Illest is primarily known for breathable crewnecks that feature simple graphic hits. Further collections now include headwear and cut-and-sew garments like shirting and bottoms.

The brand has become one of the most sought after brands that cater to an audience looking for more than just a label but rather a lifestyle.