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Article: A drive to remember

A drive to remember

A drive to remember

Since the start of stay at home I’ve been meaning to go for a drive but lots and lots and lots of factors weighed in. I recently got a message saying our local weekend drive destination was in need of support in order to avoid shutting down.

So Scott and I had an idea to call a few friends to head up to Alices Restaurant in Woodside to show our support.

One friend told another and the next thing you knew 45 cars show up at my warehouse in San Mateo. We decided to break up into a few groups so we wouldn’t freak them out showing up at the same time. Guess what? We ended up showing up at the same time!!

Lots of friends and new friends showed up to support and everyone including the Sheriffs were very thankful as long as we weren’t speeding. Here’s some photos (thanks Deane) from the drive.